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What servers are suitable for e-commerce and why?

Suitable servers for e-commerce

Selecting the ideal hosting company is necessary for building your online store. Overall, the finest e-commerce hosting company is InMotion, which provides exceptional scalability, top-notch features, and exceptional value for the money. With quick page loads and large disc space allotments, A2 Hosting is a close second. The six top e-commerce hosting companies are listed here, with scores for each company in essential aspects like uptime performance, page speed, customer support, and pricing.

  • InMotion – Best all-around e-commerce hosting provider
  • A2 Hosting – Best page speed
  • SiteGround – Best for e-commerce features
  • HostGator – Best for uptime
  • Bluehost – Best for help and support
  • DreamHost – Best for beginners

Both shared and VPS hosting is excellent choices, thanks to InMotion. InMotion’s shared plans are a perfect place to start if you manage a very tiny or brand-new store because you can quickly go up to a VPS plan later. A free SSL certificate regularly scheduled automatic backups to secure your data, and malware protection is all part of InMotion’s essential security solutions.

There are still many advantages to A2. In addition to its Turbo Servers, which can load pages up to 20 times quicker than standard servers, the company’s other features—including SSD storage and unmetered disc space—also help to speed up user interactions. Speed is crucial since even a one-second delay can cause conversion rates to drop by 7%. One of A2 Hosting’s best qualities is its client service. With its Perpetual Security effort, A2 hosting goes above and beyond the bare minimum. This includes free HackScan protection to thwart assaults, bolstered distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) prevention, and a dual hosting firewall to keep out unwanted users.

In addition, free shopping carts, free eShop transfers, and an eCommerce Optimized Server are included with SiteGround’s e-commerce subscriptions. Better site performance for visitors worldwide is made possible by many server locations spread over three continents, and unmetered data transfer provides scalability as your site expands. The standard free Let us Encrypt SiteGround provides an SSL certificate. Still, it also features a built-in monitoring system that examines the condition of your server every half second to find and automatically resolve numerous ongoing issues and prevent new ones.

The assistance and support provided by HostGator are outstanding. In addition to the usual free SSL certificate, HostGator offers flood protection to stop DDoS attacks and continuous server monitoring. Private SSL is also included in the Business plan ($5.95/month) to increase the security of your website.

The features department does see a modest decline for Bluehost. The mid-tier plans offered by Bluehost, which are perfect for fledgling web stores, do have a strong performance. Unlimited SSD storage, unrestricted bandwidth, and an unlimited number of websites are included in Bluehost’s Plus shared plan. The mid-tier programs offered by Bluehost, which are perfect for fledgling web stores, do have a strong performance. The $5.45/month Bluehost Plus shared plan offers unlimited SSD storage, unrestricted bandwidth, and unlimited websites.

DreamHost did reasonably well in this area. Every plan includes “unlimited traffic,” meaning that DreamHost does not keep track of bandwidth usage. As a result, there are no overage fees. Additionally, you have access to DreamHost’s in-house malware detector, which identifies and removes malware from your website.